It began with an idea. For years, members of the Life Planning Network (LPN) have been helping people navigate probabilities and possibilities in the second half of life. Our client's knew just how challenging and inspiring this work could be.

Life Planning Network

So we asked ourselves, what if we could take our collective experience, help others create a clearer picture of the future for themselves, and make navigating it successfully a whole lot easier for a lot more people?

We began by tapping thirty-three LPN members to collaborate, build upon their individual wisdom, and create a book that integrated all of the critical challenges of living smart after 50. Our one requirement in writing the book was that each chapter had to expand beyond the basics by providing the most important points in dealing with the topic in today's times. Our key goal was to supercharge the reader's experience by offering innovative and easy-to-use life planning tools and by sharing valuable and inspirational stories of how others have learned to live smart.

Our hope is that LIVE SMART AFTER 50! The Experts' Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times will be the catalyst to a great second half for our readers and awaken them to the value of professionals who can help along that journey.