Dr. Zara Larsen Podcast Presentations

Dr. Zara Larsen, host of Tucson's live FM talk radio show "Circles of Change," recently introduced her national audience to a special series of four conversations with six members of the Life Planning Network, "nationally-known, positive aging, life-career fulfillment and personal change experts based from California to the Midwest to New England. Their goal is to impact our ability to self-manage, self-care, and create and continue our independence – tributaries to a life of positive and productive aging, both as individuals and as a society. Our guests are focused on helping people of all ages 'move from success to significance' and 'live, not just leave, a legacy.'"

Podcast Challenge, Change and the Smart Restart of Life Planning: Mary Radu and Bruce Frankel discuss the Life Planning Network and an overview of the newly released book, Live Smart After 50! What is life planning and how can we address the challenges generated both by outside forces and from within ourselves? Listen

Podcast Discover What Work Works for You: Carleen MacKay and Elizabeth Craig discuss the new frontier of encore work and argue that its time to retire the word 'retire.' They give practical, experienced advice on how to see and explore opportunities, how to update your work readiness and move forward with persistence, resilience and hope. Listen

Podcast Anticipating Caregiving Challenges: Andrea Gallagher and Bruce Frankel discuss why we resist foreseeing the need to be caregivers or receive care despite the lightening speed with which those changes can come. Caregivers seldom self-identify and often fail to recognize that this stressful role is not just another set of circumstances to manage. Gallagher and Frankel discuss the importance of considering options and planning for caregiving, as the giver and eventually the receiver. Listen

Podcast Living in 3D, an Amplified Life: Life Planning Network founder, Meg Newhouse, and Mary Radu explain how living a spiritual legacy creates the framework for positive aging. The second half of life is a wonderful time to reconnect with our purpose, live in a way that creates a legacy that will continue beyond our lives, and become more rooted in a spiritual life. It is never too late to start planning to make an impact on today and the future! Listen