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Life Planning Network

The Experts' Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times
By Life Planning Network

Proposed Interview Questions

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  • LIVE SMART AFTER 50! was written by 33 members of Life Planning Network. What propelled this major undertaking by these life planning and positive aging experts?
  • What is it about the aging revolution that engaged your interest?
  • LIVE SMART AFTER 50! contains a Life Planning Quiz that provides a roadmap for the future. What are the benefits of the quiz and what are some of the things we might need to think about in order to create a more successful future?
  • Readers of LIVE SMART After 50! are asked, "Is it time for you to let go of old expectations?" What is the importance of doing this? Is it something you had to accomplish in order to reshape your life?
  • According to LIVE SMART AFTER 50! 44 Million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid, informal care each year to family members and friends in need of it. It appears that everyone will be impacted by this. What can we do to plan for this eventuality?
  • The value of self-awareness is discussed in LIVE SMART AFTER 50! Tell us about the importance of this in planning for the future and how one begins the process of becoming self-aware.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's quote, "It takes a village to raise a child," is paraphrased in the book as "It takes a village or community to support us as we journey through life, and even more as we age." What are some of the way communities develop and what can individuals do to help create them?
  • Finances, of course, are a major issue for so many older adults given that we are facing the uncertainty of a new financial reality. The book refers to a "bliss list" as a very powerful exercise to help us take a life inventory. What are some of the questions we might find in that inventory and how is financial life planning different than financial planning?
  • So many people are concerned about what to leave behind as their legacy. What are the steps that need to be taken to help us ensure that our legacy is true to who we are?
  • The book talks about creating a personal mission statement. What are some of the things that one would have to really think about, in order to do that?
  • It sounds really ideal to be able to work with a life coach or a life planner but what if someone can't afford to do that. How can LIVE SMART AFTER 50! help?
  • Where can folks buy a copy of LIVE SMART AFTER 50?