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Mary Radu talks about Live Smart After 50! in an interview with The Aging Boomers produced by Frank Samson of Senior Care Authority. Click here to hear how the book was created and what it offers readers.

Bruce Frankel and Mary Radu talk about Live Smart After 50! on The Newbie Writers’ Podcast. Click here to hear how the book was created and what it offers readers.

Kerry Hannon tells her readers to pack LIVE SMART AFTER 50! In their bags for Spring Break. Spring break is nipping at our heels. I hope you're lucky enough to be heading off to someplace warm, or depending on your proclivity, perhaps a last schuss down an alpine slope. Read more ...

In her newspaper column, LPN President Andrea Gallagher addresses the top 5 regrets of the dying and the 5 resolutions and actions -- based on the principles of Live Smart After 50! -- to take in 2013 to preempt such regrets: Read more ...

LPN Vice-President Mary Radu spoke recently with the blog Reverse Mortgage Info about why LPN decided to write its forthcoming book, LIVE SMART AFTER 50! for the public and professionals. Radu, the chairperson of the NorCal Life Planning Network, told the blog that LPN's goal was "to create a book for people who wouldn't typically visit a a financial planner, an estate planner, a health coach, or similar professionals, to give them the tools to begin looking at the big questions in their lives and point them towards the resources to help make life-changing decisions." Mary says that the most important step in life planning is "taking an active roll in determining your own future." Check out the full interview: How to Live Smart in the Second Half: Money and Housing and Wealth.