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33 Experts Create LIVE SMART AFTER 50! - The Ultimate
Go-To Guide for a Successful and Productive Second Chapter

With 100 million Americans over the age of 50 living more robust lives than ever before, a new extended "middle age" has revolutionized the economics and expectations for work and lifestyles in the second half of life.

Exciting possibilities and potential go hand-in-hand with increased longevity. This shifting landscape, however, also comes with an array of challenges and complex choices. Propelled by the need for new skills, new strategies and innovative ways of thinking, 33 experts in life planning and positive aging combined their collective wisdom to create a one-of-a-kind book for boomers and beyond called LIVE SMART AFTER 50! The Experts' Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times.

All members of the Life Planning Network (LPN), the contributors have crafted an all-inclusive guide that provides useful, practical and thought-provoking information for navigating life in this new stage. LIVE SMART AFTER 50! is jam-packed with action-oriented tools that will enable readers to:

  • think about and strategically plan for the reality of a longer life
  • let go of old expectations in order to make room for new opportunities
  • create a life inventory as a way to more fully understand how to see and chart the future
  • think about how they want to live and who they want to be, in this second chapter of life

"Our goal is to provide folks who are 50 and over with a book that asks important and insightful questions about the essentials of living and aging well, and also provides the guidance for answering them," says Life Planning Network President Andrea Gallagher. "The vast array of resources found in LIVE SMART AFTER 50! will equip readers to take action and plan for a successful and meaningful future."

A dynamic and empowering book, LIVE SMART AFTER 50! offers a roadmap for effectively tackling life's most important concerns, including work, finances, caregiving, relationships, health, creativity, spirituality and legacy—particularly in today's uncertain times. For more information visit, or call Andrea Gallagher at 805-390-3633.

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About LIVE SMART AFTER 50! Contributors
In LIVE SMART AFTER 50!, 33 members of the Life Planning Network—all among the nation's top experts in life planning and positive aging—share their collective knowledge and experience as retirement, legal and financial planners; coaches and advisors; therapists; caregivers; positive aging researchers; authors; and business and nonprofit leaders. For a complete list of contributors, visit

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Title: LIVE SMART AFTER 50! The Experts' Guide for Life Planning in Uncertain Times
Publisher: Cypress House ISBN: 978-0-9881907-0-2
Publication Date: October 2012
Price: Paperback ($14.99) eBook ($9.99)
For more information visit or call Andrea Gallagher at (805) 390-3633

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About Life Planning Network
Founded in 2002, the Life Planning Network (LPN) is a community of professionals and organizations from diverse disciplines that are dedicated to helping adults age 50 and over to navigate the second half of life. Supporting its members in these efforts, LPN provides a forum for expanding the knowledge and practice of life planning. Through its contributions to the Positive Aging movement, its organizational collaborations, education, advocacy, outreach, and the publication of LIVE SMART AFTER 50! LPN strives to empower individuals with the plans and tools to create productive, fulfilling and confident lives. To learn more, go to

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What is Life Planning?
Life Planning is rooted in the belief that each individual has the opportunity to live a full and purposeful life, and that guided by personal values, habits and drives, is able to create his or her own personal experiences. Life Planning promotes goal setting, with an eye toward the future, as a means of achieving outcomes that each person seeks. By increasing our awareness of who we are, our needs, desires and circumstances, we gain the tools and resolve to make the right choices to reach our objectives and potential. Life Planning focuses on taking personal responsibility and action to create the best life possible.